“The to use animals, but they have

            “The question is not, can they
reason? nor, can they talk? but, can they suffer?” Many people mostly who are
with animal testing assume that animals could not feel pain, so they do not suffer
when experiments are performed on them. However, animals have central nervous
systems just like humans which make them feel multiple variations of emotions
such as fear, sadness, and pain. So, even if they cannot complain or scream
during and after laboratory tests, they still feel pain. Moreover, sometimes
animals are killed after the experiment if they had not died during it. Just in
the United States more than 100 million of animals are killed yearly for
research purposes (1). It is a huge number that in the end will lead to the
extinction of animals. Thus, animal testing must be banned.

            People argue that tests on animals
are useful in assuring the safeness of medications and substances that humans
use. This previous claim is not completely true because 90% of experiments on
animals show positive outcomes, which means that the meant substance is safe
for human usage, while it is not (2). For example, thalidomide which is known
as the most failed example of animal tests in the 1960s and 1950s (3). A
thalidomide medication caused many tragedies worldwide after its utilization as
a treatment of morning illness in pregnancy (3). More than 10,000 infants were
born with underdevelopment of their limbs, heart-breaking disorders and some
others miscarried or were stillborn (3). Although the tests of thalidomide on
different kinds of animals such as dogs, armadillos, pigs and various rodents
were successful, the drug was harmful to human beings (3).

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            Many people say that they do not
want to use animals, but they have to because there is no other way. This is an
incorrect statement since there are many improved alternatives that take short
time to give accurate results more than animal testing. For example, microbrain
model that scientists have developed by using real brain cells (4). This model
could be used to study tumors, bone marrow and synthetic skin (4). Another alternative
is microdose method which is a very low quantity of a drug that is given to a
human (5). This method is used to test the influences of the drug on the
cellular level on the human bodies without impacting all the body systems (5).

            To sum up, animal testing should not
be allowed since there are many differences between animals and humans;
besides, the advanced alternatives which must be used instead of animals. A lot
of times animal testing give unreliable and incorrect outcomes which in turn
lead to a long sequence of harmful consequences. Also, the developed
alternatives are quite similar to human bodies, and they give accurate results
more than animal testing do. ”courage begins with one voice”, meaning that
even if most of the world is with animal testing, people who are against should
move and try to change this fact.