Table > 1500 g. Both lower birth

Table 8 Summary of longitudinal cohort of refractive
outcomes in preterm infants with or without retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)

Age at examination

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%  Myopia or SE

Mean GA, BBW

6, 9 month; 2, 3 year

The ETROP study11


ET: 55.5%, 64.8%, 70.5%, 71.3%
CM: 61.4%, 70.7%, 71.5%, 71.6%

2D). Our study showed
comparable findings but only 5% eyes in both the groups have high astigmatism
probably could be explained on basis as our study also included preterm infants
with birth weight > 1500 g. Both lower birth weight and presence of ROP were
significantly associated with higher incidence of astigmatism. Yang et al26
reported that compared with age-matched controls, the laser-treated threshold
ROP eyes had significantly higher prevalence and severity of astigmatism at 9
years of age. Davitt et al12, in longitudinal of ETROP, reported
that nearly 43% of their laser-treated premature (