Statistical 2.41) were performing worse than participants

Statistical Significance

            When discussing the results of
statistical significance in a research paper, this can be rather confusing to
some or may be even difficult to comprehend. If the research paper isn’t clear
and straight forward it could be a little confusing for the reader to follow as
well. Based off hypothetical research article that compared memory test performance
between two groups of participants. The first group in the study were of those
who consumed a caffeinated beverage before the test and those who consumed a
non-caffeinated beverage.

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            From the hypothetical research
article: An independent samples t-test was conducted to examine the difference
between experimental conditions on test performance.  The results of this study indicated a
significant difference between participants who consumed the caffeinated
beverage and participants who did not. What the study showed based off the
results were that the participants in the caffeinated group (M = 7.64, SD =
2.41) were performing worse than participants in the non-caffeinated group (M =
9.81, SD = 3.16), t(97) = 2.14, p