STATEMENT and fast. When I was introduced


   Deepika Reddy Teegapuram

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Consultant in Oracle at Hitachi Consulting Pvt. Limited.


Currently we are living
in a Computer Science era, where technology makes our work easy and fast. When
I was introduced to technologies in my under graduate, I was amazed to come
across by the numerous technologies which can make the job simpler. By
understanding the demand and knowing the importance of computers in today’s
world, my interest to gain an expertise in multiple technologies increased.

This interest in Computer’s
not only made my good academic profile but also made my recruitment in a Multi-National
Company. The knowledge I gained from work experience and academics, I would
like to employ it in doing my Masters in Computer Science and explore
the upcoming technologies.

The brief about my
academic and working details are given below.

Academic Details:

The field of computer
science fascinated me since my school days. It’s really interesting to know how
the technology has evolved over the time by making everything easily
approachable. I always wanted to become an expert in computer science.

I completed my under
graduation in Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology, known for its
prominent teaching. My college has offered wide variety of courses but nothing
could fetch interest in me as much as the subjects related to Computers. Knowing
the importance of computers in today’s world, I started gaining in-depth
knowledge in courses like C Programming, C++ Programming, Java Programming,
Software Engineering, Web Technologies, Data Analysis and Algorithms.

Apart from the
curriculum, I have explored on the technologies which the industry is currently
focusing on, like HTML, Android, Salesforce, Java Server Pages, Hadoop, Machine
Learning and Python.

am also certified in BEC (Business English Certificate) at Vantage
Level. I am Oracle Certified Professional, a JAVA SE6 Programmer. I have
participated in Hackathon conducted by the company Xtream IT, India and
also Cyber Threat Competition
conducted by company Deloitte,

Book My Taxi,
School Management are the
applications which I have developed in Android. My final project Virtual Class is a fully fledged online
application to register for the courses and schedule a class like curriculum to
study, developed using Java Server Pages.

have undergone two months of rigorous training in Hadoop File System and Map-Reduce
Programs where I have solved problems related to Weather-data and Flight’s Data.

am also found of online-learning, I have taken up Data-Visualization course from Coursera,
which is a famous online portal for professional learning. I researched about
the problem statement Influence of
Alcohol Consumption of Parents on the Children and I have posted the hypothesis
in my blog-

from academics, I have actively participated in cultural activities conducted
by the college. I am a very good dancer and participated in various programs. I
was a member of Hyderabad Youth
Association, who conducts surveys for the child welfare and organize funds
for their education. I volunteered for technical fests conducted in the

Professional Details:

I am a consultant in
Oracle technology in Hitachi Consulting Pvt. Limited. I have been a part of
project’s architectural design, solution development and delivery support to
the Customer. I worked in various domains under Oracle Technology like
Oracle-ERP, Oracle-Reports, Software Oriented Architecture (SOA), Oracle
Application Forms and APEX. Apart from the work, I have volunteered for conducting
various events in this Company.

It’s been a glorious 15
months in this company. Though out my journey in this company, I have not only
enhanced my programming skills, but also experienced how to approach for a
solution in real-time scenarios.

For my work in a project,
I have received a SPARKLE award from the team and accomplishments from
the Customer.

I realized that I have much to learn and polish in my programming and
technology and also believe that graduate program would be of utmost importance
for realizing my professional ambitions. The proximity of the programs
suggested by The Carleton University suits my interest. With the
distinguished faculty, stress on research and state of the art facilities, This
University would definitely be the best place to realize my goals. I am aware
of the kind of determination, team spirit and perseverance needed for a
successful career in research. I strongly believe that the M.S in Computer
Science Engineering at your University will serve as a launching pad for me in
achieving my goals and thereby doing my little bit for the improvement of

am excited about entering into this next phase of my life and it is my hope and
belief that I would be able to make a positive contribution to the University. To conclude, I would like to state that if granted
admission into your university I would perform to the best of my abilities and
hope to acquire skills that will help me realize my dreams. Finally I take this
opportunity to thank you for enabling me to express myself.