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October 2018


A History of Ballooning in Bristol and up to the Present Day – Dr Don Cameron Freshford & District Local History Society  24 October

A History of Bradford on Avon – John Salvat Atworth History Group  1 October

A Night With Phil – Phil Harding Bradford on Avon Museum  27 October

A Social History of Football in Chippenham – Sandie Webb Chippenham Civic Society  16 October

A Wiltshire Halloween – Claire Skinner Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre  31 October

Aldbourne’s Great War – Phil Comely Aldbourne Heritage Centre  22 October

Alfred Courtney: Fish & Chip Mayor of Salisbury – John Abbott (follows AGM) Salisbury Local History Group  9 October

Augustus Pugin’s Early Work in Salisbury – David Richards Redlynch & District Local History Society 2 October

Augustus Pugin’s Early Work in Salisbury Tisbury History Society  9 October

Auntie Barb’s First Husband. A WW1 Story – Anne Hodgkins Malmesbury WFHS  24 October

Black British Heritage – Penny Walters Swindon WFHS  25 October

Conservation Workshop: Advice on Caring for Photographs, Keepsakes and Treasures Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre  11 October

Devizes Ghost Walk – John Girvan  Wiltshire Museum  26, 27 & 31 October

Food Production in North Wiltshire 1760-1960 – Mike Stone Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre  25 October

From Roman Civitas to Anglo-Saxon Shire – Bruce Eagles Wiltshire Museum  5 October

Genealogy in Early British Censuses – Colin Chapman Westbury WFHS  25 October

Graffiti: The Lost Stories of the Churches around Avebury – Martin Palmer  Marlborough History Society  18 October

Hadrian’s Wall – Mark Corney Mere Historical Society  16 October

Haloween Walk Athelstan Museum  27 October

Heart of Oak: Timber-Framed Houses in Wiltshire (Wiltshire Buildings Record Study Day) Wiltshire Buildings Record  20 October

Industrial Archaeology – Buildings (Conference) Wiltshire Museum  27 October

Last Orders – A Look Back at 103 Alehouses and Beerhouses that have Disappeared from Greater Swindon Since 1700 – John Stooke Swindon WFHS  11 October

Local Excavations and Finds – Louise Mepham The Amesbury Society  25 October

Lost and Found: The Stories Behind the Hoards – Dr Eleanor Ghey The Salisbury Museum  18 October

Open Day Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre  27 October

Pilgrimage in Medieval Salisbury – David Richards (Guided Walk) Salisbury Civic Society  1 October

Rebels and Radicals: The Road to Democracy (Conference) Trowbridge Civic Centre  6 October

Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Wiltshire – Melanie Pomeroy-Kellinger Salisbury Local History Group  2 October

Salisbury in Old Film – Neil Leacy Salisbury Local History Society  23 Oct

Sir Thomas Lawrence: Portrait Painter – Bernard Willington Bratton History Association  21 October

Stephen Hyde Casson, Curate of Mere and Bruton – Justin Bailey Mere Historical Society  9 October

The Archaeology of Deptford Dock – Duncan Hawkins South Wiltshire Industrial Archaeological Society  1 October

The Diaries of Beth Hignall – ‘It makes you spit!’ – Collin Johns (Discussion) Bradford on Avon Museum  3 October

The Great War: Somme to Armistice – Bill King Wroughton History Group  18 October

The History of Seend – Ann Ewing Devizes WFHS  16 October

The Horse in History – David Chandler Chiseldon Local History Group  17 October

The Life of Bertie Goodship – David Goodship Easton Royal Heritage Group  17 October

The Lost Wiltshire Village: Snap – John Dymond Alton Talks  25 October

The Poppy: A Symbol of Rememberance – Bill King Rodbourne Community History Group  31 October

The Wonderful World of Glass – Francis Burroughes Historical Association: West Wiltshire Branch  18 October

Was your Ancestor a Gypsy – Beverley Walker Salisbury WFHS  17 October

Why the Boundary  of N.W. Wilts Ignores the River Avon – Martyn Whittock Trowbridge Civic Society  23 October

William Marshall: The Greatest Knight – Martin Collison Purton Historical Society  25 October

Wilts & Berks Canal – John Farrow The Swindon Society  10 October

Wiltshire and the ARTeology Project – Joy Bloomfield Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre  17 October

Wiltshire Bustard – Great Bustard Group Melksham & District Historical Society  18 October

Women in Local History – Jane Howells Chippenham/Calne WFHS  9 October


November 2018


1918: WWI Conclusions and Reflections – David Du Croz Marlborough History Society  15 November

35 Shillings – Andy Binks Wroughton History Group  15 November

Alberto Bioletti: Soldier of Napoleon and Master Clockmaker of Wincanton – John Baxter Mere Historical Society  13 November

Book Art Workshop: Creating a Beautiful Notebook Using Traditional Techniques Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre  22 and 29 November

Bradford’s Lost Medieval Village – Rob Arkell (Discussion) Bradford on Avon Museum  7 November

Captain James Cook and his Exploration of the Pacific – John McAleer Tisbury History Society  13 November

Conservation Workshop: Advice on Caring for Photographs, Keepsakes and Treasures Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre  8 November

Development of Guns and Cannons – Ian Furey King Atworth History Group  5 November 2018

DNA – Removing Brick Walls – Kevin Hurley Devizes WFHS  6 November

Film Show: Rural Britain Salisbury Civic Society  7 November

From Whiteparish to Kazakhstan Gill Brown Whiteparish History & Environmental Group  15 November

Henges & Hand Grenades: Discoveries from the Army Basing Project – Martin Brown  Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre  14 November

Hoards During the Earliest Age of Metal – Dr Neil Wilkin  The Salisbury Museum  29 November

How to Research a Village’s History – Julian Wiltshire Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre  21 November

Moravians in Malmesbury – David Witt (follows AGM) Athelstan Museum  12 November

My Ancestor fought in WW1 – Members’ Evening Swindon WFHS  8 November

My Ancestors’ Church – Persis Wiltshire Devizes WFHS  20 November

The Germans’ last throw of the dice: The Wiltshire Regiment’s final participation in 1918 – Michael Cornwell Salisbury Local History Group  6 November

Recovering Lost Music of Medieval Wiltshire – Graham Bathe Wiltshire Museum  24 November

Repairing the Cathedral Spire – Rod Baillie-Grohman and Richard Deane Salisbury Civic Society  8 November

Snap: The Rise and Demise of a Downland Community – John Dymond  Purton Museum  22 November

Stonehenge – Julian Richards Mere Historical Society  6 November

The Artistry of Mosaics over the Roman Empire – Nick Humphris Historical Association: West Wilts Branch  15 November

The Buildings of Trowbridge: Revising Pevsner’s Buildings of Wiltshire – Julian Orbach Trowbridge Civic Society  27 November

The Fisherton and Bemerton Brickworks – Jamie Wright Redlynch & District Local History Society  6 November

The Flickering Light: Archive Film featuring Wiltshire, WW1 and Post Armistice Wiltshire Museum  8 November

The History of Education in Corsham – Michael Rumsey, Negley Harte, and John Maloney Corsham Civic Society  30 November

The House: Highworth & Swindon Poor Law Union – Paul Wilkins Rodbourne Community History Group  28 November

The Legacy of Commemoration: 1918-2018 and Beyond Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre  25 November

The Queen’s Bodyguard of the Yeoman of the Guard: Shaun McCormack Chippenham/Calne WFHS  13 November

The Scandinavian Flint Axe Type in Britain – Dr Katharine Walker Wiltshire Museum  10 November

The Remount: The Role of Horses in WWI – Bob Lloyd The Swindon Society  14 November

The Rivers of Salisbury & South Wiltshire Salisbury Civic Society  20 November

The Vale of Pewsey Project: Marden Henge and Cat’s Brain Long Barrow – Dr Jim Leary The Salisbury Museum  15 November

Thinking Outside the Box: Aspects of Researching and Preserving Family History – Lesley Coleman Malmesbury WFHS  28 November

Ticket to Ride: The Perils and Pleasures of early Victorian Rail Travel – Chris & Judy Rouse Swindon WFHS  22 November

Trowbridge and WW1 Trowbridge Museum  15 November

Valuing Women’s Genealogy – Lucy Whitfield Salisbury WFHS  21 November

Vernacular Buildings in Wiltshire – Dorothy Treasure Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre  21 November

Wilton Windmill and Château Guédelon – Charles Baxter Chiseldon Local History Group  21 November

Women and the First World War – Kate Adie  Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre  1 November

World Heritage: Its Importance to Bath – Professor Barry Gilbertson Freshford & District Local History Society  28 November

WW1 Battlefields & Militaria – Dave Allen (follows AGM) The Amesbury Society  22 November