Bratton Iron Works

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Bratton History Association has just published an 80 page booklet entitled ‘Bratton Iron Works: An Illustrated Record’ describing the rise and fall over 160 years of the agricultural engineering firm of R & J Reeves & Son that was based in Bratton – on the prominent site that is now the village green.

The author, Dennis Gardner, has collected a great deal of information over the years since closure – photos, catalogues, leaflets, written documents and artefacts, as well as personal memories from some of the ex-employees still living nearby (mostly now passed on). The Bratton History Association encouraged Dennis to present a good deal of this material in written form, and this new publication, full of pictorial detail, is the result – a really good read, even for the non-technically minded!

Copies are available from Westbury Heritage Centre, Hillworth Stores (Bratton) or from the Association, at £9 each.

Bratton memorial

Bratton Iron Works Memorial

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One Response to Bratton Iron Works

  1. Charles Tibbey says:

    I have restored an elevator made here and it is now fully operational after 42 years! It includes two of the castings in the photograph.


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