Racing Through History with the Wroughton History Group

Wroughton History Group will be celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2017 and they have much to be proud of. From helping on archaeological digs, surveying lost village sites and publishing books, their achievements and interests are many.

Recently the group has been focusing on historical resources, such as studying old newspapers, census returns, trade directories and parish registers to discover more about the lost pubs in Wroughton and the “Great Fire” of 1896, to ensure that past residents are not forgotten.

The group also takes part in the Wroughton Carnival each year, and at the event on the second of July this year the theme of the float was Wroughton’s historic racing connection. They chose the 1930s when the stables in Wroughton had some famous winners, including Royal Mail who won the 1937 Grand National. The other horse depicted was Brown Jack.

Wroughton jockeys

Wroughton Jockeys


The float shows the owner of the stables (Mr Hastings) and some of his jockeys. Accompanying the float were a stable lad, a blacksmith, bookies, various race goers and Mrs Hastings. The group all had great fun and even the weather was kind.

Further information on the stables of Wroughton can be found on the group’s website

The group is currently working on research for Wroughton’s war memorial, due to be refurbished in 2017 and which will include a display. A permanent memorial to William Gosling VC will also be unveiled.

The Wroughton History Group meet at St Joseph’s Hall, Devizes Road, Wroughton, from 7.30-9pm (please visit for details) and are happy to welcome anyone who would like to come along. The first visit is free with the hope that you’ll enjoy it so much you’d like to come again. There are Open Meetings held in the middle of each month, and also regular talks, themes covering anything from workhouses to mills, to the Thames path, and more. An annual outing is also held, traveling further afield.

For more information please contact Diane Archer:

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